[Spellyans] Excel SWF-KK-Traditional Corpus-WIP

Harry 'Double-H' Hawkey bendyfrog at live.com
Mon Feb 1 12:54:38 GMT 2016

Dan wrote:

The SWF “rules” are very haphazard and many of them appear to have been formulated on the fly, or even in hindsight.

Hey, great news...sounds like converting between the various forms will be no trouble at all.

Dan wrote:

Now, ‹distruksyon› does appear in the 2012 PDF of the SWF glossary

And also the 'new and improved' online dictionary, too.  

Dan wrote:

I would emend SWF ‹distruksyon› to ‹distrukcyon› 

Sounds good to me.  Better yet would be if the skeleton crew at cornishdictionary.org would fix it. Along with the hundreds of other errors.
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