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A. J. Trim ajtrim at msn.com
Thu Feb 11 11:49:11 GMT 2016

The note that is linked to the MAGA on-line Cornish dictionary (via a 
button in the column on the left-hand side) seems to indicate that qu is 
allowed. Of course, that could be a mistake but someone has gone to the 
bother of purposely including it in addition to qw.


Andrew J. Trim

On 11/02/16 11:35, Ray Chubb wrote:
> On 11 Whe 2016, at 01:10, A. J. Trim wrote:
>> There are two points to note here.
>> Firstly "for personal use". I assume that this means that Traditional 
>> Graphs are not held to be equally correct for official use.
> Yes you are correct Andrew. Isn't it perverse that the way the native 
> Cornish wrote their language has been relegated to a sub form?
>> Secondly, "or: qu". I assume that kw can be spelt qu.
> 'qu' is not permitted although, as you rightly point out this is the 
> most frequently occurring form in the traditional texts. 'qw' is at 
> least better than 'kw' which seems not to occur at all in traditional 
> Cornish.
> Ray Chubb
> Portreth
> Kernow
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