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... agus moran dhiubh, Eddie!

- an ken Ken

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That seems like a worthwhile project for Cornish speakers, at least those of a more Classical bent. It might be worth adding Hebrew, Cyrillic, punctuation marks, dingbats...heck, the whole typographer's nomenclature in the long run.

Just one point: I'd prefer to see KS 'kappa' rather than 'cappa,' as that uses the Greek character in the name of that character.

I'm also less than happy with 'Χχ    ghî,' 
although clearly you couldn't use *chi, as the <ch> digraph is already in Cornish for another phoneme. Still, if you admitted the 'k' in 'kappa,' perhaps 'khappa, might work. The trouble is, I expect 'gh' to give a voiced fricative rather than the rewuired unvoiced one used in Greek. Well, perhaps I'm being unduly inflienced by Gaelic 'gh.'

Agus Bliadhna Mhath Ùr dhuibh, a chàirdean!
(Ha Bledhen Noweth Da re 'gas bo, a gowetha!)

Eddie Climo

> On 2016 Gen 2, at 14:37, Michael Everson <everson at evertype.com> wrote:
> Here is a draft of Greek letter-names. A question: I have written ksî pî fî ghî psî here  with the assumption that in all dialects the pronunciation is [iː]. We could write ksy py fy ghy psy if there were an alternation [iː]~[ǝɪ] (as in chy ‘house’). But I don’t suppose there is. 
> Αα    alfa
> Ββ    bêta
> Γγ    gama
> Δδ    delta
> Εε    e·psylon
> Ϝϝ    dygama
> Ϛϛ    stygma
> Ζζ    zêta
> Ηη    êta
> Θθ    thêta
> Ιι    yôta; jet
> Κκ    cappa
> Λλ    lambda
> Μμ    mu
> Νν    nu
> Ξξ    ksî
> Οο    o·mycron
> Ππ    pî
> Ϙϙ; Ϟϟ    coppa coth; coppa
> Ρρ    rô
> Σσς    sygma
> Ττ    taw
> Υυ    u·psylon
> Φφ    fî
> Χχ    ghî
> Ψψ    psî
> Ωω    ô·mêga
> Ϡϡ    sampî
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