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Fri Jan 29 22:21:22 GMT 2016

Confirmed.  Also see Bodriggy, Hayle, and Bodrifty, Madron.  Both much too far west for non-assibilation to have been preserved under any other circumstances.

I tried hard to argue the case for Resrudh on the Signage Panel, but was outvoted on that.  (Res- is retained by the SWF names when unstressed.  Rys only when stressed).

The dreadful Kammbronn has been retained, but in this case, it was taken out of our hands by the Partnership (we were close to agreement on Kammbron/Cammbron, which accords with SWF rules.  Kammbronn does not, according to Albert).  This remains the only place-name that was not decided by the Panel.  I've managed to prevent historical foul-ups (as per CLB) in all bar 5 so far (out of 3,000 +) which, for a lone voice, isn't bad and warrants my sticking with it.


On 2016 Gen 29, at 21:38, Nicholas Williams wrote:

> I have a MacBook OSX version 10.12.2 and a rather ancient iPhone. I can read the whole thing on the iPhone, but only as far as ordyr on my laptop.
> Since the glossary is in KK and SWF/M it is not of any great interest to me, particularly since much of the fuller KK section is, in my view, at best invention and at worst palpably incorrect, e.g. *bywnans, *klywes,
> *Yudi ‘Judea’, *Nasara ’Nazareth—the attested spelling is Nazare, Nazary. 
> I notice that the KK for ‘Redruth’ is given as Rysrudh. The first element should have e rather than y. More importantly it is clear that the 
> consonant cluster -dr- in Cornish does not assibilate to -sr- in intervocalic position. This can be seen from such forms as pedry, hadre ‘while’, edrek, pedrevanas, godros, ladra, medra, etc.
> Notice also that in BK Modred is either Modreth or Modres, showing that the final segment can be assibilated but the internal -dr- is not.
> The Cornish for Redruth is Redruth: durth Pedn an Wollaz tho an Karrack Looez, ha tua Poreeah ha Redruth NBoson. 
> The final element is unstressed and I take it to be voiceless. Rysrudh in my view is unwarranted. 
> I think Craig will agree with me that -dr- in Redruth is not assibilated.
> Nicholas 
>> On 29 Jan 2016, at 20:12, Harry 'Double-H' Hawkey <bendyfrog at live.com> wrote:
>> What software / operating system / device are you using to open it?  It works fine for me in excel and open office, windows and linux (should be 5,873 entries, zian is the last word).
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