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Yth ov vy nowyth devedhys in bÿs Kernowek, ytho ny wrug avy metya gans Eddie saw unweyth – in cùntellyans kebmyn bledhednek Agan Tavas mis Whevrel dewetha. Oll y gonversacyon ena o pòr vewek ha posytyf, ha’y dhelît apert in Kernowek tradycyonal a ros colon dhybm ow pêsya avell dalathor yn keverek rag clappya ha screfa udn jëdh yn tâ. Plêsys brâs o Eddie pàn glôwas my dhe gafos kebmys plêsour in y drailyansow a dhrollys Beatrix Potter, hag ev owth inia warna’vy comendya ken lyvrygow dh’aga hernowegy. Tra awenek ywa y hyllyn aswon scodhyor mar freth hag effethus a’n tavas. Y’n jeves tyller arbednek i’m cov.

I am a newcomer to the world of Cornish, so I met Eddie on one occasion only – at the annual general meeting of Agan Tavas last February. His whole attitude there was very lively and positive, and his evident delight in traditional Cornish encouraged me to persevere as a relative beginner in order to speak and write well one day. Eddie was very pleased to hear that I had enjoyed his translations of the tales of Beatrix Potter so much, and he urged me to recommend other short books for putting into Cornish. It is an inspiration that I could be acquainted with so vigorous and effective a supporter of the language. He has a special place in my memory.

Ian Jackson

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I'll miss Eddie very greatly and we'll all miss the flood of high quality books in and about Cornish that he was producing under the banner of 'Gwask an Orlewen'.  I had the pleasure of collaborating with him on a couple of the early ones and, although we weren't as much in contact after his move to Taunton, I'll greatly miss Eddie's wicked sense of humour.  My thoughts are with Laurie and with Eddie's sons.

Cusk yn cres, Eddie!


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A gowetha oll,


Very sad news indeed to learn of Eddie’s sudden and unexpected death.   His linguistic abilities extended to a writing and speaking ability in Gaelic.  Some years ago I attended a Penseythen.  Putting my mind in gear for Cornish as I entered the event, I was completely thrown by someone addressing me in fluent Gaelic.  This turned out to be Eddie.

-        An ken Ken


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Nowodhow morethek. Colva vroas dhe nei oll ha dhe'n tavas Kernowek...

Sad news. A great loss to us all and to the Cornish language.



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A Esyly wheg,


Yth yw gans trystans res yw dhym deryvas dheugh agan esel Hedley (Eddie) Climo dhe verwel de Sadorn. Ef o 69 bloth. Herwyth y vroder, Laurie, ef a godhas dhe'n luer de Yow ha res o dhe Laurie gelwel car clojy hag ef a vue marow de Sadorn. Del hevel yth esa canker yn y eskern saw ny wodhya na y gerens na y gowetha tra vyth yn y gever.


Heb mar Eddie o an moyha aswonys rag oll y dhyllansow yn Unyes Mordon yndan an hanow Gwask an Orlewen hag y vernans yw coll bras dhyn ny. Y dhyllans agensow trelyans Rip Van Winkle gans oll an lymnansow yn lyw luen a vyth covath gwyw dhodho. Moy ages hemma Eddie o cowser frosek Kernowek yn despyt ef dhe dryga yn Gwlas an Haf.


Kesvorethek on ny heb mar gans Laurie ha dew vab Eddie.




It is with sadness that I have to inform you that our member Hedley (Eddie) Climo died on Saturday. He was 69 years of age. According to his brother, Laurie, he collapsed on Thursday and Laurie had to call an ambulance and he died on Saturday. It seems that he had cancer of the bones but neither his family nor  his friends knew anything about it.


Of course Eddie will be best known for all his publications in Nance's Unified Cornish under the name Gwask an Orlewen and his death will be a great loss to us. His most recent publication a translation of Rip Van Winkle with all the illustrations in full colour will be a fitting memorial to him. Furthermore Eddie was a fluent speaker of Cornish in spite of living in Somerset.


Condolences to Laurie and Eddie's two sons.


If you wish to send condolences to the family via Laurie the address is:  24 Richmond Road, Taunton, Somerset, TA1 1EW



Gans oll ow holon,


Ray Chubb


Scryvynyas Agan Tavas





Agan Tavas web site:  www.agantavas.com







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