[Spellyans] The Pronounciation of 'r' in traditional Cornish

Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Mon Mar 27 19:50:03 BST 2017

Lhuyd was born in 1660 in Llanforda and brought up there. Llanforda is in the parish of Oswestry in Shropshire.
The area was Welsh-speaking at the time of his birth and the dialect
pronounced Welsh long a with a raised pronunciation. For him the vowel in tad ‘father’
would have been close to [æ:].


> On 27 Mar 2017, at 18:05, Harry Hawkey <bendyfrog at live.com> wrote:
> But surely Welsh 'bras'  (Lhuyd 'brâs') has neither of these sounds?

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