[Spellyans] The Pronounciation of 'r' in traditional Cornish

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So just to get this straight, when Lhuyd writes â he means it to sound as it would in his native dialect o Welsh - the way it is sounds today in the old Montgomeryshire - a raised a sound? and that â in Kernowek was raised where he writes â?
The spelling conventions of Welsh and Cornish fascinate me where they seem to run in parallel especially where Cornish seems to have retained spellings even when the language probably had lost those pronunciations - keeping to an older system of written language - like in Welsh where southern dialects have lost or never had certain sounds that survive in northern dialects and in standard written spellings (and vice versa) but the spelling is retained. 
The spelling of 'yn' looks very Welsh for instance but seems to be the only example of this in Cornish for the dark y sound. Interesting. 

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