[Spellyans] New dictionary for Kernowek Standard

Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Wed Nov 15 15:31:35 GMT 2017

Last Friday Agan Tavas launched a new conversation dictionary in  
Kernowek Standard, details may be found here:  https://www.agantavas.com/cornish-conversation-dictionary/

Compiled by Ian Jackson, Agan Tavas welcomes this dictionary as a part  
reversal of the UC(r) English-Cornish dictionary compiled by Nicholas  
and republished in 2006. The dictionary has been compiled in a  
scholarly and meticulous manner as one would expect from someone with  
Ian's background. It provides just the sort of words that typically  
crop up at Yeth an Weryn  meetings.

Gromercy milweyth dhywgh Ian.

Ray Chubb

Scryvynyas Agan Tavas


Agan Tavas web site:  www.agantavas.com

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