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A why agas oll,

Morethek of dhe glowes an newodhow.

I started learning Cornish in evening classes in Saltash with Wella  
Brown. Our course book at that time, (1973), was Kernewek Bew. Having  
left school at 15 without much of an education in grammar, I doubt if  
I would have stayed the course using any other grammar book available  
at the time. We did eventually move on to Peter Pool's Cornish for  
Beginners which is more accessible than Cornish Simplified.

I still think Kernewek Bew is a great book but teaching methods have  
moved on, so they tell me.

The other incentive to learning Cornish was all the great songs that  
Richard wrote and with Brenda Wootton performed. Between them they  
made our language sound so beautiful, who would not have wanted to  
learn it.

Richard then started to investigate and favour Modern Cornish causing  
some regret to died-in-wool Unified users, however, without his work  
Nicholas may not have investigated the possibility of moving the base  
date of revived Cornish to a later period.

So many of us, speakers and users of Cornish, owe Richard Gendall a  
tremendous debt.

On 14 Gwn 2017, at 13:35, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> With great sadness, I must pass on a report of the passing of R.R.M.  
> (Richard) Gendall, at the age of 93.
> I remember him telling me that he began to learn Cornish at the age  
> of 4, and I doubt that anyone else in the 20th or 21st century has  
> spoken Cornish for 89 years!
> Singer, songwriter, schoolteacher, linguist, Richard contributed so  
> much to Cornish society and culture and yet was so curiously unsung.
> I fondly remember voyages to Treguier, Brittany, with Richard and  
> Jan in his boat 'Keryades', which he kept at St Winnow.
> His "The Pronunciation of Cornish", a careful and insightful  
> analysis of Edward Lhuyd's phonetically written style of recording  
> traditional Cornish is, to my mind, the most important of all his  
> many works,
> and should be properly published.
> My thoughts are with his widow, Jan, and all of Richard's family.
> Cusk yn cres, Richard Gendall (1924-2017).
> Craig

Ray Chubb


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