[Spellyans] Mass for the Feast of St German

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A Craig ha'n gowetha-oll,

Sad news indeed of Richard's passing.  Truly a giant and a pioneer of the
Revival.   He has been much in my thoughts of late, with recollections of
visits, conferences and social occasions with him and Jan.

Are there any contact details for Jan as I would like to write.


-        An ken Ken


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With great sadness, I must pass on a report of the passing of R.R.M.
(Richard) Gendall, at the age of 93.


I remember him telling me that he began to learn Cornish at the age of 4,
and I doubt that anyone else in the 20th or 21st century has spoken Cornish
for 89 years!

Singer, songwriter, schoolteacher, linguist, Richard contributed so much to
Cornish society and culture and yet was so curiously unsung.


I fondly remember voyages to Treguier, Brittany, with Richard and Jan in his
boat 'Keryades', which he kept at St Winnow.


His "The Pronunciation of Cornish", a careful and insightful analysis of
Edward Lhuyd's phonetically written style of recording traditional Cornish
is, to my mind, the most important of all his many works,

and should be properly published.


My thoughts are with his widow, Jan, and all of Richard's family.


Cusk yn cres, Richard Gendall (1924-2017).








On 2017 Gwn 14, at 10:15, Nicholas Williams wrote:

The poster for the special Eucharist in Truro Cathedral

for St German's day, 2 October, says that the

service will be "yn Kernowek, Sowsnek ha Latinek."


The name of the third language in that list is questionable.


In traditional Cornish the language Latin is invariably called Latyn:


pan ve luen ov zor a wyn ny gara covs mes laten 'when my belly is full of
wine I like to speak Latin only' BM 80-1


yma ow signifia pup kynde a foode, beva foode an corfe po food an Ena, ha in
della yma oll an girryow latyn 'it means every kind of food, whether food
for the body or food for the soul, and thus do all the Latin words signify'
TH 57a


Ma ko them cavaz tra a'n par ma en lever Arlyth an Menneth dro tho e deskanz
Latten 'I remember finding something similar in Montaigne's book about his
Latin education' NBoson


en leeaz Gerreau, a dael bose gwrez aman durt an Latten po an Souseneack 'in
many words which must have been constructed from the Latin or the English'


En Tavaz Greka, Lathen ha'n Hebra, En Frenkock ha Carnoack deskes dha 'In
the Greek language, Latin and the Hebrew,

in French and Cornish well schooled' JBoson.


Nicholas Williams

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