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The online dictionary of the Akademi Kernewek for ‘Scotland’ gives Alban. 

Alban is not attested in traditional Cornish. It occurs once only in Lhuyd’s preface to his Cornish grammar in Archaeologia Britannica of 1707. On page 222 we read:

en Ehual-dir an Alban hag en G’laskor Uordhyn.

There are no other instances. Lhuyd has clearly taken the word Alban from Welsh yr Alban ‘Scotland’.
Note that Lhuyd does not write Alban but an Alban by analogy with yr Alban.
In Cornish written by Cornishmen the name of Scotland is Scotland:

Augel, myghtern in Scotland BK1280
ol an tyr a Thowr Hombyr the Scotland BK3236-37
Now, myghtern Scotland, Augel, ha Syr Gawen ew maraw BK 3284-85.

In Modern Welsh Sgotland is the usual name of Scotland; yr Alban is literary.
The traditional name of Scotland is not mentioned by the dictionary of the Akademi.

Nicholas Williams

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