[Spellyans] 'trees' in the Akademi dictionary

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Thu Apr 1 10:49:05 BST 2021

Under ’tree’ the Akademi dictionary gives two collective forms:

gwydh ’trees’ which it qualifies with a superscript M as Middle Cornish and
gwedh ’trees’ which it qualifies with a superscript L as Late Cornish. 

Gwedh ’trees’ is certainly Late Cornish since William Rowe writes ni a ell debre a thore oll an Gweth an Loar ‘we may eat form all the trees of the garden’ Genesis 3.2

Gwedh, however, is not exclusively Late Cornish since it occurs in the Passion Poem:

A lene yn hombronkyas
vghell war ben vn meneth
ha zozo y tysquethas
owr hag arghans gwels ha gweth PA 16ab.

Nicholas Williams

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