[Spellyans] 'cold' in the Akademi dictionary

Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Thu Apr 1 10:56:40 BST 2021

Under the adjective ‘cold' the Akademi dictionary gives the word yeyn.
It does not mention that a variant without the initial y is also attested:

hay eneff eth anoȝo gans garm eyn hag vghel gry ‘and his soul went from him with a bitter wail and a loud cry PA 207d
meyn eyn sur o y wely ‘cold stones indeed were his bed’ PA 235d
chapel guthel me a vyn rag gorthya maria wyn kynth yv teller guyls ha yne  ‘I will build a chapel to revere holy Mary, though it is a wild and cold place’ BM 1143-45.

Given that the dictionary is usual so keen to give variants with and with initial y this seems curious.

Nicholas Williams
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