[Spellyans] 'Yearning' in the dictionary of the Akademi Kernewek

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Thu Apr 1 11:58:26 BST 2021

One of the words cited by the online dictionary of the Akademi Kernewek is yeunadow s.v. ‘yearning’. The vowel of the first syllable is perplexing, since one might expect <ew> rather <eu>. 
Moreover the dictionary seems unaware there is a common form without the initial y-

gothvos ynweth decernya omma ynter drok ha da yv ov ewnadow pup vr ‘to be able also to distinguish between evil and good is my desire always’ BM 28-30
cres i’n du pur a yl gul e unadow ‘believe in the pure god who can do his desire’ BK 573-34
ha ry theso me a ra the unadow ‘and I will give you your desire’ BK 627-28
Henna o e unadow ‘That was his desire’ BK 730
te ’bew an bys the’th unadow ‘you possess the world at your desire’ BK 1718-19
Parys on the’th unadow ‘We are ready for your desire’ BK2036
Ow unadow, a garadow, ew mos genas ‘My desire, O beloved, is to go with you’ BK2947-49
vnadaw ‘command, good word’ Bodewryd.

Ewnadow, unadow does not seem to be cited in the dictionary of the Akademi.

Nicholas Williams
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