[Spellyans] adryv/adrev in the online dictionary of the Akademi

Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 12:50:34 BST 2021

The online dictionary of the Akademi gives adryv M and adrev L. This entry cannot be commended. The preposition in question is attested once only in traditional Cornish:

ny gowsyn yn tewolgow adryff tus yn vn hanas ‘I did not speak in the dark whispering behind people’ PA 79d. 

*Adrev is nowhere attested and indeed seems to have been replaced by adhelergh dhe: fatell vea ha na rella an appostles gasa scryffa vith athillar thethe ‘how would it have been if the apostles had not left any writing behind them? TH 19. There is no evidence for a chronological alternation a-dryv ~ *a-drev.
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