[Spellyans] tyller and teller in the Akademi dictionary

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Mon Apr 5 13:19:33 BST 2021

The online dictionary of the Akademi Kernewek gives two forms of the word for ‘place’. The first is tyller which is designated with a superscript M to indicate that it is a Middle Cornish form. The second is cited as teller followed by a superscript L to show that it is a distinctively Late Cornish form. Unfortunately for the compilers their distinction is without justification. The attestations in traditional Cornish are as follows:

tyller PA 18a, 33a, 65a, 176a, 250b, OM 1551, 1992, 2045, PC 86, 105, 980, 1103, 1837, 2597, RD 270, TH 16, 42a, 43, 45, 47 x 3, BK 149; tyllar TH 6, 18, 29a, 42, 42a, 53a; tillar SA 65a, 66

teller PA 206d, OM 579, 939, 1095, 1823, 1909, 2275, 2795, PC 501, BM 629, 677, 1145, 2922, TH 2, 44; pana deller ‘where’ TH 47; telhar BF:25 x3, 29; tellar CW 866, 871, BF: 52.

The forms with e as the stressed vowel are attested in Pascon Agan Arluth, Origo Mundi, Passio Christi, Beunans Meriasek and Tregear’ Homilies. Hardly Late Cornish sources. Again the compilers appear to be demonstrating their ignorance of the traditional language.

Nicholas Williams 
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