[Spellyans] final -y in verbal nouns

Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 13:45:35 BST 2021

Ny allama bos blâmys pàn esoma ow redya Desky Kernûak wàr wiasva an Gussel.
Hag yma hebma wàr an wiasva kefrÿs:

Pandra ew hedna? Crogan lâz, lagas rooz.
Emava tedna, scogan mez, tabm booz.
Deaw baw derakta terri, trehi,
Ganow ageri, tebri kîg.


> On 7 Apr 2021, at 13:36, Neil Kennedy <keverango at yahoo.ie> wrote:
> Sure, but the Cussul switched to using SWF L Trad in 2009 and also uses KS materials in lessons. Jan and I explain KS and why certain spellings should be adopted in the SWF. While Richard was alive, we used his materials but he ignored our agreed practice and collective decisions as teachers (Bernard D, Frances B, Gus W, Dicky Mint, Andrew C, me...). What you say about spelling is correct but should be in the past tense.
> Neil
> On Wednesday 7 April 2021, 14:27:18 GMT+2, Nicholas Williams <njawilliams at gmail.com> wrote:
> It is difficult to determine what the practice of Late Cornish users is or should be.
> In Tavas a Ragadazow (2000) Gendall writes debry, desky, credgy, cregy, golhy/gully, gweriby ‘to answer’, kelly, etc.  In his Practical Cornish Dictionary (2007), on the other hand, he writes: debri [dibri]; kredzhi, kridzhi;  kregi; golhi, gulhi; gorribi; kelli, etc. 
> I assumed that Gendall was the authority.
> Nicholas

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