[Spellyans] final -y in verbal nouns

Nicholas Williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Wed Apr 7 14:26:50 BST 2021

Yth esta ytho ow qwetyas pobel a’n tu wàr ves dhe wodhvos adro dhe daclow nag eus wàr an wiasva. Saw revrons ahanans yma semlant a wiasva offycyal wàr hebma: 
Cussel an Tavas Kernôwek/The Cornish Language Council <http://www.moderncornish.net <http://www.moderncornish.net/>>

Fatla yll nebonen godhvos nag yw an wiasva-na agas gwiasva in gwiryoneth?
Ple ma an wiasva wiryon?


> On 7 Apr 2021, at 14:02, Neil Kennedy <keverango at yahoo.ie> wrote:
> The site in question is not the Cussul's official site and should disappear. It was created c.2007 by Gus Williams and has not been maintained. Michael kindly paid for it but we did not get our act together and keep it up-to-date. The information is outdated and therefore somewhat embarrassing.

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