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On 11 Aug 2008, at 09:51, Ray Chubb wrote (on another list):

> A oll ahanough wheg,
> I note that Kemmyn users are using a new word 'kedhlow' plural of  
> 'kedhel' which Ken George has deduced from Bewnans ke to mean  
> information.
> I wondered why I had not remembered this myself only to find that  
> Nicholas / Graham give the word 'kethel' in the manuscript an  
> entirely different meaning.
> The Kemmynites seem to have grabbed at this word like a new toy, I  
> note that Elizabeth Stewart uses it in the July Maga newsletter.   
> Therefore I think Agan Tavas needs to form a view as to whether this  
> word is an acceptable translation of the manuscript.
> Ken compares 'kethel' to Breton 'keloù',  my own view is that this  
> is stretching things a bit.  What do we all think?
> Perhaps we need to check all of Ken's interpretations if the  
> Kemmynites are going to accept them all without question as seems to  
> be the case in this instance.
> Oll an gwella,
> Ray Chubb
> Portreth
> Kernow

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