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CHY is pronounced [tSi:] in RMC but pronounced [tS at i] in Late Cornish.
Lhuyd (AB: 3a, 3b, 53a, 58c, 121a, 123c, 158b, 249b,253) writes the word,
't s h dotted-y i'. Nicholas and John Boson both write 'chei'. However
'choy', 'choye' and 'chuy' are also attested in Late Cornish. BRAS is
pronounced [bra:z] by RMC speakers but [brO:z] by RLC speakers.Jon

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  Thanks for the correction, Dan.
  Nonetheless, I would still refuse to use spellings like 'chei',
  'broaz' and 'own=correct'.
  On 1 Aug 2008, at 02:03, Daniel Prohaska wrote:

    - The spelling <hei> is attested through Lhuyd and Nicholas
    Boson, likewise <crei>, and <chei> in John and Nicholas Boson,
    <chey> by Borlase. These spellings are authentic. I do not
    understand your objection;

    - <ouna> is attested for the verb “to put right”;

    I would hardly call this fake-Cornish.


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      ”On 31 Jul 2008, at 13:46, Owen Cook wrote:

      > I'm curious to hear what list members think of the

      > adaptations of the SWF for Late Cornish.

      > * <ei> in words like hei, crei, chei


      . . ..

      Given a 'take-it-or-leave-it' choice of this sort of
      'fuk-Gernewek',  I'd just stick with the UC/R that I've
      already learnt, and leave the  SWF to go its own sweet way.

      And, were KS to adopt such horrid conventions, I'd reject
      that too.

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