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The earliest attested form of the word is Cornowok from the records of  
the Consistory Court 1572 (Cycely called Agnes Davey whore and whore  
bitch in English and not in Cornowok).
There is no evidence for a form in -ewek, which derives from  
Williams's Lexicon s.v. Cernewek.
In their Cornish for the Twenty-First Century Dunbar and George accuse  
me of unilateraly "emending" Kernewek to Kernowek. Since Kernewek
is unattested, the accusation (like most of the book) inaccurate.
Nance is really to blame here.
Nance also introduced the form Ywerdhon for 'Ireland' on the basis of  
Welsh Iwerddon. The attested forms are:

Ha e tha Worthen eath e whonnen John Tonkin ca 1693
hag en G’laskor Uordhyn Lhuyd AB: 222 (1707).

The attested form should in Revived Cornish be Wordhen.


On 1 Aug 2008, at 09:09, Jon Mills wrote:

> Lhuyd (AB: 222) writes 'Kernûak'; John Boson writes 'Kernooak'.  
> Nance's 'Kernewek' is erroneous.
> Jon
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>> Kernewek was Nance's own invention and is unattested.  UCR uses  
>> Kernowek
>> (which is attested); RLC uses Kernuack and Kernuak, both of which are
>> also attested.
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