[Spellyans] KK ha'n SWF - pronunciation

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Sat Aug 9 16:50:40 BST 2008

You must ask him.
Cornish is SW Brythonic, but Breton is SW Brythonic in the mouths of  
speakers of Gaulish.
And Cornish (unlike both Breton and Welsh) has been heavily influenced  
by English.
George did not read the texts and draw conclusions from them.
He assumed Cornish was like Breton and used the texts on occasion to  
back him up,
For the most part he ignored them.
That is why KK has such forms as *bywnans and *klywes.


On 9 Aug 2008, at 16:07, Harry Fraiser wrote:

> Do I understand, then, that Breton in fact has four dialects? Why does
> Mr. George then posit the existence of a fifth instead of the Cornish
> language as we know it from Lhuyd and Gendall?

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