[Spellyans] Penny Squire and Harry Fraiser

Harry Fraiser harryfraiser at googlemail.com
Sat Aug 9 17:22:55 BST 2008

You are, of course, quite mistaken. What a strange notion! Shan't take
offence, though.


On 8/9/08, Michael Everson <everson at evertype.com> wrote:
> On 9 Aug 2008, at 16:56, Harry Fraiser wrote:
>> Why has he been permitted to propagate with impunity the doctrine that
>> Cornish is the fifth dialect of Breton?
> Harry.
> You also sound very much like a troll.
> To learn more about trolls, see
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troll_(Internet)
>   and http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/What_is_a_troll%3F
> I have for several years participated in online discussions with
> people interested in Cornish. Most of that has been with people too
> cowardly to give their real names.
> Many of the comments recently sent by Penny and Harry here suggest to
> me that both of you may very well be KK supporters who are here just
> to wind us up.
> I am not the only person to hold this view. A number of people have
> written to me to ask or to complain.
> I'd very much like to encourage both of you to respond to this.
> Michael Everson * http://www.evertype.com

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