[Spellyans] minimal pairs in Lhuyd

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 17:52:31 BST 2008

I think that minimal pairs in Lhuyd showing the phonemic status of / 
T/  and /D/ are actually quite numerous.
I am without my own copy of Arch. Brit. here in County Mayo (where I  
am on holiday) but I have already noticed:

po kotha Lavar an Enez-ma AB: 222 and mez hedda a kodha en ydnek AB: 223
rag tra vêth AB: 222, 223 and ha uelkom ti a vêdh JCH §§ 15, 20, 24
ken gueskal enueth JCH § 10 and ha enuedh legryz dhort an z AB: 223.

And I have already mentioned dhêth 'came' and dêdh 'day' (though I  
have at present no example of dhêdh).

I am sure that a trawl through AB would produce several others.
I think we can be sure that <dh> and <th> in Lhuyd represent different  


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