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Daniel Prohaska daniel at ryan-prohaska.com
Mon Jun 16 13:33:28 BST 2008

Daniel Prohaska henwys o'vy. My a studhyas yethonieth Indo-Europek, 
Studhyansow Scandinavian ha Sowsnek orth Universita Vienna. Lebmyn 
thera'vy owth obery en wariva avell canor hag actour.
Pur dhe les veu puppres tavosow minoryeth kefres ha dewyethieth. My a 
dhalathas desky Kernowek gen Richard Gendall in bledhednyow 1990, ha 
woja hedna sqwichya dhe KUA ha lebmyn scodhya tybyans furv sqwir 
scrifys may comprehend ha Kernowek Cres ha Kernowek Diwedhes.

My name is Daniel Prohaska. I studied Indo-European Linguistics, 
Scandinavian Studies and English at the University of Vienna. Now I 
work in theatre as a singer and an actor. I have always been 
interested in minority languages and bilingualism.
I started learning Cornish with Richard Gendall in the 1990s, then 
switched to UCR and support the idea of a standard written form that 
is inclusive of both Late and Middle Cornish.

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