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There are examples of [I:] to be found in AB:
rŷdh: Plobm rŷdh, Sinople, red lead or vermilion [91a]. This also found with short vowel: Risk ha reden rydh, Bark and red Fern [229a]

Bŷth: Bŷth ni, Never [249a]. Aụoz tra vŷth, Above any thing [249b]. vŷth, At all [249a]. Ni – vŷth, Never [249a]. ‘Byth’ without circumflex is not attested in AB. However it does alternate with Bêth and veth [244c]. 

ŷz: Pedn ŷz, An Ear of Corn. This item provides a minimal contrast pair with the verbal particle, ‘yz’; Yz eziz a kîl hụêl ẏmma.

bŷz: Gụyn agan bŷz [250b].


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The next question is whether to accommodate three long hight front vowel i: I: and e: as is the case at present in
the SWF specification. The SWF allows bI:z for 'world', for example, which nobody actually says.
This matter involves the distribution of <i> and <y> (both for long and short vowels) and will need a lot of attention.


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