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Wed Jun 25 10:18:30 BST 2008

From: Jon Mills
Sent: Wednesday, June 25, 2008 10:56 AM

"What I want from the SWF is the possibility to use traditional forms. The
attested traditional forms are  deth, deyth, dyth (Middle & Tudor) and deeth
(Late). Am I the only person who thinks the diaresis looks awful?



Rest assured, I’m no fan of the diaeresis either. This may be irrational and
childish, but I also dislike the fact that Michael is pushing for diaeresis
because it’s easy for HIM to write on HIS computer, while not considering
the people that are using other systems and may find y-accute, y-grave or
y-circumflex easier, or equally difficult to spell as y-diaeresis. Sorry,
Michael, but it just doesn’t add up. 

I can live with the SWF alternation dydh ~ dedhyow and it’s alternative dedh
~ dedhyow. I don’t need any diacritic in this particular case.

Jon, I’ve also found Lhuyd’s spelling <an dzhêdh> for “he day” in Late


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