[Spellyans] RLC <h> for <gh>

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Wed Jun 25 14:07:18 BST 2008

At 15:57 +0300 2008-06-25, Owen Cook wrote:
>No, here I disagree with you, because keeping <yeth> encourages the 
>pronunciation /je:T/.

I don't think it's a harmful pronunciation.

>My point is that conscientious Cornish users should use <'eth>, as 
>in the SWF, even if they would not normally use <'Edhewon> or other 
>cases of yod-dropping.

I despise the initial apostrophe which is guaranteed to end up 
pointing the wrong direction.

>Actually, if I had my druthers, we would just write <eyth> as Tregear
>did. The odd case of metathesis should not unduly shock anybody.

That would be [@iT] however in KS and SWF orthography.
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