[Spellyans] Front unrounded vowels, was: The quantity system

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Wed Jun 25 15:01:44 BST 2008

At 16:26 +0300 2008-06-25, Owen Cook wrote:

>On a more philosophical basis, are we studiously trying to avoid 
>departing from the SWF in concept, or fixing it where it made the 
>wrong decision on political grounds?

I'd just as soon not deviate where not necessary.

>If the former, then I imagine we must also keep the main form variants
>including <hw> and <kw>. We can't get rid of them, they're in the SWF.

I don't believe we will get anywhere proscribing them -- evidently 
some people feel as strongly about them as we do about traditional 
graphs. We can say (perhaps in a note) that KS permits their use, 
that we as editors discourage them (and why). And then we won't use 

>If the latter, then we can say, no, <hw> and <kw> were the wrong call
>and we're not having them. Ditching <ei> (or <ea> or <ee>) was the
>wrong call and we're not having it either.

That seems a lot more like ditching the SWF entirely. The KK 
contingent really hated <beis> and as I said they nearly won <bys> 
everywhere (with <y> as an umbrella graph for [i:]~[e:]. We fought 
VERY hard to gain <bes>, and won it. It'd be churlish to dump bys/bes 
for beis at this point.
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