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The attached PDF document is what I received from Steve.
Note the square boxes in the line, about eighteen up from the bottom.
I assume that these are caused by diacritical marks not transmitting through 
the computer systems correctly.


Andrew J. Trim

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> Quoting Michael Everson <everson at evertype.com>:
>> At 12:45 +0100 2008-06-25, Christian Semmens wrote:
>> >At the risk of stirring up a hornets nest, I think this may be taking
>> >things a bit too far. I think everyone would be happy with 'deth' or
>> >'dyth' without recourse to diacritics at all. I strongly suspect that
>> >no one will actually write them once they become fluent enough anyway.
>> >Deith still looks horrible to me (as does chei, rei etc..), and I've
>> >tried to like it, really I have.
>> >
>> >Is it really such a huge problem?
>> It is. It is a problem for readers of texts
>> written in the other dialect. The brief was to be
>> phonetic. The SWF doesn't give learners enough
>> information.
>> Take a word, <pes>. A learner sees it. Is this a
>> <bys>/<bes> word? Or is it a <res> word? What
>> about bes, des, fes, ges, hes, les, mes, nes,
>> ses, tes, or ves? (I'm sure some of these are not
>> attested; I just made a list.)
>> If we write b�s/b�s, the learner who encounters
>> pes will know it's not got a *pys form.
>> Making this distinction is good orthography design.
> But it is necessary for the othography to bear the entire burden of these
> distinctions?  For one thing, learners are routinely taught exceptions, 
> and if
> the list of bys/bes words is short, they can simply learn them.  For 
> another,
> information of this kind really belongs in the lexicon, not in the 
> spelling.
> Steve

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