[Spellyans] RLC <h> for <gh>

Owen Cook owen.e.cook at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 18:52:13 BST 2008

I think so too Nicholas, but can we be sure of this? Can we actually
exclude the possibility of /ejT/?


2008/6/25 nicholas williams <njawilliams at gmail.com>:
> I am not sure eyth is metathesis. Initial ye- is often reduced to e-
> in ezow 'Jew', ehaz 'health', for example.
> I take eyth to be for [e:T] where ey = e: and initial [j] is lost.
> Incidentally the shift /je > e/ in initial position shows that
> Caradar's Yesu (adopted by KK in their NT)
> cannot be right. If it had been correct the name Yesu would sometimes
> appear as *Esu which it never does.
> The name Jesu in MC is like Maria, Jacob, Jerusalem, Jowan and
> Loundres and is borrowed from MFrench via Breton.
> Nicholas

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