[Spellyans] RLC <h> for <gh>

Michael Everson everson at evertype.com
Thu Jun 26 16:14:13 BST 2008

At 14:59 +0000 2008-06-26, Jon Mills wrote:
>Then I misunderstood you, my apologies.
>If we are to discuss the pronunciation of Cornish in relation to 
>orthography, should we not use the terms 'phone', 'phoneme', 
>'phonetic' and 'phonemic' as a phonetician understands these terms?

I suppose the level of abstraction of any particular discussion 
should be specified.

When we say "KS is a phonetic orthography" using the term as laymen 
use it (since they do not know the word "phonemic" anyway) we are 
saying that people can rely on the sound-to-spelling relationship. 
It's not arbitrary; it's closely related to traditional orthography 
even while normalizing and occasionally innovating choices which were 
not made in traditional orthography (like distinguishing <i> and <y> 
in monosyllables) which help learners and writers in a variety of 

I guess when George says KK is "phonemic" he means "morpho-phonemic". 
I'll have to re-read your article in CS7.
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