[Spellyans] SWF principles

Terry teli7777 at gmail.com
Thu Jun 26 20:29:24 BST 2008

Are the 5 principles of the SWF set in stone or are they open for 
discussion when the 5 year review occurs?These principles are listed as:

1. *Inclusivity *– Users of all varieties of Revived Cornish should be 
able to write as they speak.
2. *Accessibility *– The SWF should be as easy as possible for speakers, 
learners, and teachers to learn and use.
3. *Accuracy *– The SWF should reflect the pronunciation of both 
traditional and Revived Cornish.
4. *Authenticity *– The SWF should use spellings that reflect 
established traditions of Cornish orthography.
5. *Continuity *– Where practical, the SWF should produce the smallest 
possible number of changes for the largest possible number of speakers.


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