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What is the definition of "Traditional Cornish"?

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> At 13:29 -0600 2008-06-26, Terry wrote:
> >Are the 5 principles of the SWF set in stone or are they open for
> >discussion when the 5 year review occurs?
> As far as I am concerned they are open for discussion now.
> >These principles are listed as:
> >
> >1. *Inclusivity *- Users of all varieties of Revived Cornish should be
> >able to write as they speak.
> >2. *Accessibility *- The SWF should be as easy as possible for speakers,
> >learners, and teachers to learn and use.
> >3. *Accuracy *- The SWF should reflect the pronunciation of both
> >traditional and Revived Cornish.
> I don't have any problem with these.
> >4. *Authenticity *- The SWF should use spellings that reflect
> >established traditions of Cornish orthography.
> This is disingenuous. Indeed it is bollocks. Evidently the authors
> believe -- or pretend to believe -- or want some people to believe
> that they believe -- that KK is an "established tradition", which is
> why <kw> and <hw> and <-i> were not simply thrown out as they ought
> to have been.
> >5. *Continuity *- Where practical, the SWF should produce the smallest
> >possible number of changes for the largest possible number of speakers.
> This "principle" was devised and added by the Arbitrator, and it is
> likewise unacceptable, because it is clear that some choices were
> made in order to produce few changes for KK users, since KK users
> "are the largest number of speakers". The "principle" was not
> discussed at either of the first two AHGs and when this appeared in
> the first SWF draft, Agan Tavas and its Linguistic Advisors protested
> and requested that the text be removed.
> The distribution of <i> and <y> is the worst example of this
> "principle". No matter how many times Nicholas and I tried to get
> discussion of the distribution, we were just ignored. The
> distribution of <i> and <y> in the SWF is as it is in KK. That is why
> it is incoherent. It's not based on phonetic or phonemic principles.
> It's based on George's etymologies. I don't accept that as sufficient.
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