[Spellyans] Front unrounded vowels, was: The quantity system

Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Jun 28 08:27:12 BST 2008

On 24 Jun 2008, at 14:59, Owen Cook wrote:

> 2008/6/24 A. J. Trim <ajtrim at msn.com>:
>> The Late Cornish chei, kei, crei could be written chy, ky, cry.
>> Final <y> could be an umbrella graph for the <-i> & <-ei> of the  
>> current
>> SWF, and the result looks more authentically based on Tudor spelling.
> Yes, I agree with this suggestion too.

Late Cornish may choose to write 'chei, kei, crei', but I shall not.

> Actually, Jenner wrote y-circumflex in such items, and personally I
> think this would be the best solution for our purposes as well.
> (Michael, however, will raise font limitations as an objection.
> Personally, I rarely use a font unless it has extensive Unicode
> support, so this is irrelevant to me, but there's probably something
> to it for the majority of Cornish users.)

(1) I use whatever legal fonts I can get my hands on, and some older  
ones are available cheaply. Moreover, as MacOS X is agnostic on the  
matter, I run both Mac and Windows fonts.

(2) I can't afford to buy new, Unicode-compliant replacements for all  
my favourite older fonts.

(3) My fonts vary enormously in which of the more 'exotic' characters  
and accents they offer. It's not realistic for me to have to  inspect  
every single font before I use it to see which of the accented <y Y>s  
it contains. For example, looking at a few of the many fonts  
installed on my Mac, I find this:

> Arrow: <y> umlaut - lower case only
> Baskerville: <y Y> umlaut, acute
> Times: <y Y> umlaut, acute, circumflex, macron, dot above, grave,  
> dot below, and loads of double and triple diacritics I've never  
> seen before.

(4) MacOS comes with a pretty good bundle of fonts, but they also  
vary enormously in the repertoire of characters each one offers.

If KS is going to have an accented <y Y>, then the only solution I  
can see is the one I mentioned earlier: have a recommended accent,  
but accept any other accent (or none) if that's all an individual can  
get on their computer.

Eddie Foirbeis Climo
eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk

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