[Spellyans] i and y

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Sat Jun 28 09:26:39 BST 2008

Gonis has <i> in the SWF because of gonis in KK. KK has gonis because  
of gounid in Breton.
The unstressed vowel should be <y>, since it frequently appears as  
<e>, e.g. gones CW 1080, gonethys 'worked' BM 4392 and cf. gonesugy  
'workers' x 3.

Palys 'palace' is attested x 3 in BM. Palas 'palace' occurs once in  
BK. I should spell it palys, plural 'palycys; cf. palys, palysys Nance.
Chalys is attested x 4 in SA as chalys. Nance gives chalys, chalysys.  
I should write chalys, chalycys.

Nance gives crocodŷl. If we adopt this in KS we should write crocodil,  
crocodîlys. I wd be quite happy with cro˙codyl, crocody˙lys.

SWF has krytyk but meppik because KK has. KK writes meppik, mestresik  
because the diminutive ending in Breton is -ig, e.g. Soazig, tammig,  
This is no reason to interfere with Cornish. Little children is  
flehysygow at OM 1868 and 'little horns' is gernygov at BM 3396. I  
write meppyk and mestresyk.

Incidentally SWF has glin 'knee' and dewlin, dowlin knees. I prefer  
glin, dewlyn; cf. leuv, dewla where the unstressed form is reduced  
(cf. W llaw but dwylo).


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