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In the texts together the word servont 'servant' (with -ont) occurs x  
12 (in the Ordinalia, BM and TH). Servant occurs x 7 in Tregear and BK  
The plural servons occurs twice (both in BM). Servantes occurs once in  
TH and four times in BK.

The singular *servyas is unattested anywhere at all.
The plural servysy, however, occurs 4 times, and the spelling servysi  
x 1, servygy x 2 are also attested; the plural is given as sirvigy in  
the Bodewryd glossary where it is called 'a good word'.

To sum up

servont 12
servant 7

servons x 2
servantes x 5

*servyas 0

servysy 4
servysi 1
servygy 2
sirvigy 1

Just as we find rewler x 1 but rewlysy x 1 in Tregear, it would seem  
that the texts
have a tendency to use servysy as the plural of servont as well as  
servons, servantes and possibly in preference to them.

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