[Spellyans] "Lyverva hep Cost' - updated to version 1.7

Eddie Climo eddie_climo at yahoo.co.uk
Sat Nov 8 11:40:55 GMT 2008

Members may be interested to know that the latest v1.7 update to the  
'Lyverva hep Cost' compilation is now available. The 'Red vy - URLs'  
file has been greatly expanded since earlier releases, and completely  
reorganised to make it easier to find what you want. The most  
exciting addition for me is that the Internet Archive finally has  
made available a copy of Whitley Stokes 1872 'Beunans Meriasek'. This  
scarce and expensive book is something I've been after for quite a  
while now, but could never afford; now, of course, there's a free  
ebook copy!

I've posted details of the new items on Cornwall24 at:
but if anyone wants a copy of the whole file, just send me a quick  
email and I'll let you have one.

You may be interested to know that this project has really spread far  
and wide. Copies of the CD and the update files are spreading through  
the Cornish speaking community in Australia, and there's interest  
been expressed from N. America as well. I did hear tell that copies  
(of copies) were being given away at the recent Lowender Peran, with  
some KK users in the queue for them. (It's interesting to wonder what  
effect some exposure to traditional, authentic, unbowdlerised Cornish  
might have on their preconceptions, eh?!)

Finally, Jenny and Elizabeth of MAGA/CLP requested a copy of the  
'Lyverva' CD, so that they could make and distribute copies. They  
also gave the project a great write-up in the latest MAGA newsletter,  
as some of you may have seen.

I'm working on a companion info file to cover the increasing amount  
of free (and commercial) audio-visual material that's available in/on  
Cornish. This has the working title "Lyverva Gloweles hep Cost' (The  
Free Cornish Audiovisual Library), and I hope to have it ready for  
release before Christmas. Due to considerations of both space and  
copyright, I don't see me doing a free CD/DVD release of this  
material; I'll just distribute the 'Red vy' file with all the URLs in  
it, so people can download their own compilations.

Oll an gwella dheugh, a gowetha!

Eddie Foirbeis Climo
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