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The above is a recently published greetings card in Cornish.
I wonder whether the Cornish means what was intended.
Bydh gwell (Bëdh gwell) means 'be better' as for example in
dre nerth bras yn drehevy
bytqueth ef na vye gwell
'by main force he would build it
so that it would never have been better'  PA 91d
(speaking of the temple).

Should one not use yagh 'healthy' here?
Cf. myr worto hag a ver spys
a'th trok ty a vyth yagheys
'Look at it and in no time
you'll be healed of your complaint' RD 1729-30.

Surely it would have been better to have written:

Bydh Yaghhes yn Skon.

Although the really Cornish idiom might have
been either

Re bo sawment dhis yn skon

cf. Ser emperour bethens lethys
rag savment dywhy lemen
  'Sir emperor, let them be killed
as healing for you' BM 1367-68

or possibly

Re bo leun-yehes dhis yn skon

cf. re gronntya dyso lemen
del in peseff luen yeheys
'may he grant thee now
as I pray full health' BM 1834-35.

At all events Bydh gwell yn skon looks like word for word rendering of  
the English.

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