[Spellyans] Introduction

tim hall tim at bardic.org
Sat Nov 22 18:06:16 GMT 2008

Lowena dheugh!
My name is tim hall,

I have just started learning Kernowek as a foreigner (i.e. Sawsnek). 
Mostly I intend to lurk and learn, however, I feel I may be able to add 
some useful input as a learner. I might not have bothered joining at 
all, as I realize that this list operates on a very high linguistic 
level (I have been trawling the archives), had I not started to read the 
SWF spec, which I understand is set in stone for the next five years. 
Several things have occurred to me already, which I shall post about 
when I have finished reading it. I find the orthographical arguments 
confusing, but I understand the passion behind the debate. English uses 
something like 44 discreet sounds, half of which are represented by 
letter combinations, leaving 3 redundant letters in the latin alphabet. 
The latin alphabet was not designed to represent Celtic or Saxon sounds, 
so it is unsurprising that spelling should become an issue.

I am a keen amateur linguist. I don't claim any particular expertise, 
but I am specifically interested in the Brythonic languages on the 
grounds that some Brythonic dialect would have been spoken where I live 
prior to 600AD.

I am also a keen student of Bardism. I'm going to be careful what I say 
on that subject out of respect for the established traditions and list 
etiquette. Suffice it to say there is a story (naturally) behind all 
this - the links below should provide a satisfactory explanation. I 
would be more than happy to discuss any issues arising; off-list. I 
think there is a conversation to be had and I would appreciate any 
advice coming from, how shall I put it, 'proper' Bards.

I am primarily a musician and I wish to learn some songs in Cornish.

I intend to become fluent enough in Cornish to contribute to Linux 
internationalisation - Linux already has the infrastructure in place to 
support a Cornish language desktop and a small percentage of translation 
strings in place. It lags behind the Breton and Welsh translations for 
fairly obvious reasons. I am involved with a multimedia sub-distribution 
of Debian, I guess this is my 'professional' interest in this list.

I also do sys admin and a little web design, specializing in Python, So 
I was glad to see you're running this list on Mailman. I hope I may be 
able to contribute some of my skills and knowledge towards the promotion 
of Kernowek in the future, so do ask, although my response times may be 
slow at the moment as I have quite a lot on.

That's probably enough introduction for now.

Yn lel,

http://glastonburymusic.org.uk/tim/ http://www.last.fm/music/Tim+Hall 
http://bardic.org http://64studio.com/manual/

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