[Spellyans] "become" with nouns

nicholas williams njawilliams at gmail.com
Sat Nov 1 20:33:37 GMT 2008

degoth might be the word:

An lahys te a lel-syns
ha guyer the ol the wostoyth,
guyryow eglos myns del ens,
ha statys kepar ha kyns,
the vightern da del degoyth

'The laws you will faithfully uphold
and the right of all your subjects,
the rights of the church as many as they are
and the statutes as heretofore
as becomes a good king' BK 3105-09.

Though for 'That dress suits you' I should say something
like Ass os semly i'n bows-na

And for 'He won't suit for this job' I should say
something like Ny vydn ev servya rag an ober-ma.


On 1 Nov 2008, at 19:49, Eddie Climo wrote:

> K. coth. 'y coth dhym', it suits me, it becomes me.

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