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>Degoyth is a compound of cotha 'fall'. The stress is on the first syllable. 
>Gostoyth is gostyth in CW and the second syllable is unstressed.
This interpretation of the stress seems the most likely.
>Not infrequently boys 'to be' is written, although the word never had a diphthong.
>This, I believe, is because oy (OC ui) monophthongised to o: and thus fell together with o: 
from other sources. 
>This is why bos to be is often boys, and boys 'food' < OC buit is often bos.
This is in apparent conflict with the evidence from the rhymes in the verse quoted from BK. There and in many other instances, there is a distinct set of words whose rhyming syllables are often spelled with <oy> and which are apparently unstressed. These are the very words which contain OC ui. The facts that words in this set were frequently rhymed with one another and were often spelled with <oy> lead me to think that no such merger had taken place.


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