[Spellyans] "become" with nouns

Ray Chubb ray at spyrys.org
Tue Nov 4 11:18:57 GMT 2008

On 31 Hed 2008, at 12:30, nicholas williams wrote:

> The important point for the revival is that 'become' should not be  
> rendered *mos/dos ha bos in Cornish.
> When the predicate is adjectival (and this includes items like  
> leper) the verb mos is used by itself.
> If the predicate is a noun, the verb used for 'become' is bos and  
> the past is rendered by the preterite.
> In revived Cornish we should therefore say:
> Ev yw gyllys clâv 'He has become sick' but Hy a veu y wreg 'She  
> became his wife', Ev a veu medhek 'He became a doctor'.
> Mos/dos ha bos is a Nancean fiction.
> Nicholas

and yet there are other constructions in the texts that have verb+ha 
+verbal noun.  Therefore it was not unreasonable of Nance to assume a  
'dos ha bos' or 'mos ha bos' construction and I am rather surprised  
that no examples can be found in the texts.  For clarity I shall  
continue to use Nance's construction.

Ray Chubb


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