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On 4 Nov 2008, at 11:18, Ray Chubb wrote:

> and yet there are other constructions in the texts that have verb+ha 
> +verbal noun


Cryst kymmys payn yn geve angus tyn ha galarow ma teth an goys ha  
dropye war y fas an caradow PA 59ab
me a glewas leuerell an arlont y ze denne war y ben gans kymmys nell  
ma teth an dreyn ha cropye zen nempynnyon dre an tell PA 134a-c

But Cornish does not seem to use dos ha bos (at least I have not yet  
found an example). I have, however, found another example of the  
preterite meaning 'became':

Bythqueth ny vue vays in pov aban vys crystyan heb wov 'Never has  
there been any good in the country, since you became a Christian' BM  

There is nothing to stop revivalists' using dos ha bos; it does not  
seem wholly authentic, however.

Look incidentally at these two lines:

ziso y fue servont lel ‘to thee he was (preterite) a loyal servant’ BM  
4339 [Michael to Christ in heaven]
eff o lel servont ihesu ‘he was (imperfect) a loyal servant of Jesus’  
BM 4379 [the bishop of Cornouaille].

What is the contrast there?

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