[Spellyans] "become" with nouns

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Fri Nov 7 15:58:20 GMT 2008

The commonest use is with mar teu ha + vn and mar teffa ha + vn. Both  
are used in conditional sentences.
The oldest instances are in PA:

ha leuerell yredy mar teffa tus ha gweze bos ze zu ze wull gynsy 'and  
say indeed were people to stop you that God has need of her' PA 27cd
ol warbarth y a armas mar te venions ha cothe war agan flehys yn fras  
ha warnan bezans neffre 'all together they cried: If vengeance fall,  
let it forever be upon our children and upon us greatly' PA 149cd.

dos + ha in these cases does not mean 'become'.
One wouldn't say mar te ha bos, but if one did, it would mean mar  
pëdh. It would not mean 'if…becomes' at all.

On 4 Nov 2008, at 11:18, Ray Chubb wrote:

> and yet there are other constructions in the texts that have verb+ha 
> +verbal noun.

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