[Spellyans] "become" with nouns

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Fri Nov 7 17:01:52 GMT 2008

I am sure you are right. Yet the anglicism dos ha bos is quite  

The 'become' sense of bos in Cornish is clear because of the  
difference between o and beu.
At BK 94 we read: Ow lester a ve lehan 'My boat was a stone slab', but  
we could also translate this as 'A slab became my boat'.

Another way of saying 'become' in Cornish is a yw gwrës, e.g.

an bara ew gwres kig agen arluth Christ 'the bread becomes the flesh  
of our Lord Christ' SA 62 .

The verb dos + ha + vn. is used mostly in conditional sentences:

mar ten ha menegas agan pehosow du ew lene a vercy 'if we confess our  
sins God is full of mercy' TH 8.

dos ha bos 'become' is not good Cornish, I believe.


On 7 Nov 2008, at 16:41, Owen Cook wrote:

>  One wonders
> whether 'mos ha bos' was not an example of anglicizing Cornish by
> calque, the same way that 'neuvya' was invented to translate 'swim'.

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