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The Cornish word for day is attested sometimes with <e> and sometimes with <y>.
Pascon agan Arluth: dezyow, dyth, geyth, gyth, tez
Ordinalia: deth; deyth; du; dyth; dythyow; geth; geyth; gyth; thythow; thythyow; tyth
Ton (1504): deth; ddeth; geth; du-; dethyou; dyzyow; dythyou; dyzyow
Jordan (1611): dyth, dythyow, geth, gyth, thethyow
Kerew: deeth, deethyow, dethyow
However, when it is a bound morpheme, as in the days of the week and the holidays, the tendency is towards <u>. Why the difference?

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> On 12 Nov 2008, at 13:56, Jon Mills wrote:
> > Why would it imply Middle Cornish /ø/?
> I guess he's looking at a MC <u> /y/ ~ LC <e> /e/ distinction. 
> That's  just a guess though. But the typical alternations are MC 
> /y/ ~ LC /i/  vs. MC /ø/ ~ LC /e/. For 'day' we have <dÿdh>~<dëdh>. 
> If George is  recommending <dy'> I guess we'll get <dÿ>~<dë> in 
> these "holiday" forms.
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