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The UCR dictionary gives:

Re wrylly gwella yn scon!

How about:

Re wellhahy yn scon!

This may not be as traditional in its idiom but it is a wish, rather than a command, and it is short.

I believe that it is important for the message on the card to be short and snappy.

I believe that old idioms should be used whenever old things are being said for old reasons still current today. 

However, these cards weren't given in the 16th century.
They may have said their equivalent of "get well soon!" but it would not have been on a colourful slightly humorous card.
I think that it is because of the humour element and modern context that one could get away with a command rather than a wish - but I prefer a wish.

It is a new use of the language.
It is therefore not necessary to follow the old idiom providing it is grammatically correct - New idioms for new modern uses!

Clearly Anglo-American is being used as a model here.
I don't think that this is a problem if it keeps the language alive.
Cornish must grow and move with the times - as well as being based on the old texts; It's a balance.
Generally, I think that these cards are quite nice, and they may get more people interested in Cornish.

One curious thing here is that people still want to send physical cards.
You could just send your wish in an e-mail but the physical display of cards received does say something about the popularity of the recipient and the street cred of the group.
In this special case the visual impact of the cards is more important than the messages or spellings.

The distinction between bidh gwell "be better" and bidh yaghhé "be more healthy" is interesting.

I think that (in English) you get "better" because you succeed in casting-out the Devil.
You also "mend" because your body was broken or corrupted.
Curing, in English, is therefore taking something away not adding health.

We could therefore have:

Re ·assa an jawl ahanas! "May the Devil leave thee!"

Also, if we end with an exclamation mark, "soon" is implied, and so it is unnecessary.


Bidh gwell!

(in your chosen spelling) is probably all you need on a card, as the heading, and the sender could hand-write Re ·assa an jawl ahanas!
or Re bo leun-yehes dhis! inside.

Bidh gwell! is a command.
I think it is an anti-curse - Hmmm.


Andrew J. Trim. 

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Or as I suggested: Re bo leun-yehes dhis yn skon 

which is based on traditional Cornish and is a wish, not a command.


On 10 Nov 2008, at 19:09, Eddie Climo wrote:

  Re by/beugh yagh yn scon.


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