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Ray, Craig, 

I found 49 examples of the spelling <onan> in Middle Cornish as well as
another 24 examples of <honan>. It's an authentic spelling.



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"'Onan' was always part of Common Cornish and unfortunately it is now part
of the SWF.  The Council have put forward the 'Onan hag Oll' motto as part
of the re-vamped logo for the new unitary authority and immediately were
told that they had used the wrong spelling.  They of course defended their
action by saying it was the new standard  

spelling.  Guess it's a case of inferior logo, inferior spelling.

Ray Chubb





On 23 Du 2008, at 11:27, Craig Weatherhill wrote:

> Please tell me you're joking, Ray?  Who on earth has gone and  

> replaced a schwa with a long vowel?  Was it one of the much self- 

> proclaimed "fluent/effective speakers"?  I shall refrain from making  

> the obvious punning comment.

> Craig


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