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We should not get too worked up about existing spelling choices and 
expensive paint jobs on vans.
Some English mottos are still in Latin. We don't try to correct or change 

However, for any new use, we should use the best spellings available.

These should be based on traditional spellings and the proposed underlying 

I would go for allowing both <onyn> and <onen>.

Although <onan> is better attested than <onen> it does not seem to fit our 
proposed orthography as well.
The form <onyn> should be allowed as it is the most common form.


Andrew J. Trim

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> On 24 Nov 2008, at 10:03, Daniel Prohaska wrote:
>> Ray, Craig,
>> I found 49 examples of the spelling <onan> in Middle Cornish as well  as 
>> another 24 examples of <honan>. It’s an authentic spelling.
> Attested. A lot of things are attested; doesn't make it the right 
> spelling for Revived Cornish.  It remains One of the pernicious  elements 
> of the SWF that George's "etymologically correct" forms were  "accepted" 
> holus-bolus. In particular, the use of *this* word in a  traditional 
> phrase known by everyone in Cornwall is a powerful  argument against 
> re-spelling it.
> In KS we shall spell "onen" and "honen".
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